November 2021:Peter's celebration

Crazy weather this month with Storm Arwen bringing lots of trees down. Family were all here to celebrate the 22nd which would have been Peter's 75th birthday. An oak tree which had self seeded in an awkward spot and regularly noted by Peter was moved to the field where other trees had been planted to honour the births of grandchildren. Stuart carved a badger out of a piece of Redwood, flame torched it, sanded and varnished it and we ordered a plaque for it to have next to the tree. Some of Peter's ashes had been saved which were buried with the tree roots and a poem was read:


This is not the end.

It is a new beginning.

Grow this tree.

And think of our time together.

Remember the hard.

Talk about me often.

Smile when you hear my name.

Watch my tree grow taller.

And now we'll be together again.

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